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Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Stage Opex - Continuous Improvement Engineer

The Continuous Improvement Engineer collaborates with Operations functions for analyzing processes, proposing efficiencies, and implementing continuous improvement projects in order to increase the company's market competition by improving quality and efficiency.


Main activities:

  • Analyze business operations processes (production, quality control, maintenance, logistics) to identify possible improvements in efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Identify and promote projects implementation to improve processes at the global and individual plant level;
  • Transfer best practices between different plants and Operations departments;
  • Apply the tools and methodologies to measure and capitalize process improvement;
  • Apply and promote Lean Six Sigma activities in the various plants;
  • Collaborate with assigned departments (e.g., Maintenance, Technical Office, Safety & Security) on the design of new facilities with a view to defining Group standards;
  • Draw up standard group procedures in Operations, verifying their correct and effective implementation.


  • Master's degree in engineering (preferred management or mechanical engineering) or Statistics
  • Excellent written and oral English language skills
  • Good knowledge of Office, especially Excel
  • Availability to travel

Characteristics of the candidate:

  • Determination in achieving goals
  • Organizational autonomy
  • Ability in interpreting, formalizing, and reporting the data and outputs from analysis activities
  • Proactivity and ability to act on multiple organizational levels
  • Problem solving




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