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We firmly believe that our employees are the basis of our daily successes.
People with different life experiences feed the dynamism of the company, participating in its uniqueness.


We train people to make them specialized in the field in which we operate and encourage them to acquire responsibilities to help them grow professionally.

We are looking for enterprising people who want to be involved in new projects, working in teams, with passion, curiosity and proactivity in their job.
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Production Manager

The Production Manager (Operations Department) ensures that all production activities are carried out smoothly. He/she supervises the production plant and ensures its correct operation of quality control, maintenance, and logistics.Anderson (Indiana, United States)

Quality Control Lab Specialist

The Quality Control Lab Specialist (Operations Department) personally takes care of the quality of the finished product, since based on the measured data he must decide how to proceed, possibly making the necessary changes to the formulationsCittadella (Padova, Italy)

Logistics Specialist

The Logistics Specialist (Operations Dept.) ensures the management of material stock, production supply and product shipment activities with a view to continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Logistics Specialist - Biopolymers

The Logistics Specialist (Operations Dept.) ensures the management of material stock, production supply and product shipment activities with a view to continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.Mellaredo di Pianiga (Venice, Italy)

Protection and Prevention Service Officer (ASPP)

The resource will deal with the identification of risk factors, elaboration of preventive, protective and control measures, elaboration of safety procedures.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Operational Excellence Engineer

L'OpEx Engineer (OPEX - Operations Dept.) collaborates with various factories globally in order to be the recipient and promoter of continuous improvement projects in the operations, aimed at increasing the company's market competitiveness, increasing its quality and efficiency. The resource will deal with the implementation of new projects for continuous improvement of processes, best practices to be defined and transferred and KPIs.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Product Engineer

The Product Engineer (Sales Office - Product Management) is a figure involved in the product's technical aspects and he/she is the intermediary between the R&D function and the Sales function.San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone, Italy)

Quality Control Trainee Program

The Quality Control Trainee Program (Operations - Quality Control) is a program of at least 4 years as Quality Control Engineer: the first year includes an intensive training on the job and the next 3 years (at least) in one of our plant abroad (Poland, Brazil, USA). After the training, the Quality Control Engineer supervises the production process inputs and outputs in order to ensure the product compliance. Cittadella + Foreign Plant

Jr. Regulatory Specialist

The Regulatory Specialist (Technical Area Department) supports the Regulatory Manager in dealing with technical and regulatory information related to raw materials and compounds.
Cittadella (Padova, italy)

Production Operator

The production operator works on three weekly shifts and he does the activities related to the production process, from the silos unloading to conducting the extruder, from forklift operations to pack the final product. Cittadella & Tombolo (Padova, Italy)

Procurement Specialist - Internship

The Procurement Specialist (Purchasing Department) support the Category Manager on the management of the raw materials' procurement process in coordination with the other company functions. Purpose of the position is to guarantee to the production plant(s) of reference the availability of raw materials (direct and indirect) in compliance with the required deadlines, in order to give continuity to the production process.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Spontaneous Application

When we select our employees we do so with extreme care, devoting great attention to listening to their ambitions and desires.
We are interested to know what professional opportunities you recognize in Sirmax and how our company can help you in your growth process. So do not hesitate to contact us, even if your profile is not among those currently required: a winning team lives of initiative.

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