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Cittadella (Italy), Kutno (Poland), Anderson (USA)

Production Operator

The production operator works on three weekly shifts and he does the activities related to the production process, from the silos unloading to conducting the extruder, from forklift operations to pack the final product. 


Main Activities:

  • Materials movements with forklift or manually;
  • Conducting extruder following instructions and procedures;
  • Ordinary intervention on the system to ensure the production continuity;
  • Monitor the production process looking at the compliance of product dimension, paramentes, and other characteristics.


  • Primary School diploma; Secondary School Diploma (preferred);
  • Residence within 20 km from the Sirmax plant (preferred);
  • Forklift driving license (preferred, and compulsory to be hired);
  • Fluent speaking of Italian language
  • Availability to work on three shifts from monday to saturday morning


  • Looking for a dynamic workplace
  • Commitment
  • Teamworking


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