Taking care of people allows everyone to grow.

When we talk about sustainability, we often talk about our ecological impact and the need to implement better environmental policies and to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


At Sirmax we have broadened the concept of sustainability by extending it to all the social and economic aspects that regulate the life of each and every person working with us. Our relationship with them is a key factor in increasing the value of what we produce.


Our collaborators' professional development is something we take to heart, and this is why we work alongside universities to identify the most brilliant minds – so we can help them grow before they have even started their journey in the world of work.

We analyze and apply best practice policies and we invest in personal and professional development so that everyone can contribute to Sirmax's growth.

When we decide to expand our presence on the global market by opening new plants, our priority is getting to know the social fabric of the place we are going to. This is why we communicate with local authorities – so that we can find the best way of benefitting the communities that welcome us. This becomes an important part of our development plan, so that the growth of one company can benefit a whole community.