Sustainable evolution right from the start

Development means looking for the most suitable professionals to help reach a certain goal. During this process, we identify internal and external needs, define job roles and skillsets, analyze the job market and, finally, it vet the candidates which are best suited to our needs and we discuss their entrance into the company.


At Sirmax, we go one step further: we actively collaborate with universities and, with their help, we identify the most suitable students to take on real research projects.


This partnership is a secure investment in terms of people development, and its contribution to the company’s growth is vital. Some of the projects we have started have developed into PhD research projects on reusing plastic materials made from fossil fuels and on their regeneration process. Alongside the universities of Padua and Turin, we offer a scholarship for industrial engineering PhD students.


Abroad, we have worked with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML in Dortmund (Germany) to develop the TraCE Smart Mold project for the traceability and efficiency of raw materials.