Supporting local
to promote global

Innovation means investing in technology and supporting the development of solutions which significantly change the way we do business by promoting integration and productivity. Clear reference points are needed locally which provide an awareness of the social and cultural context in which we operate.


Sirmax operates thirteen plants across four continents. Each plant is designed to integrate with local communities, their economic and professional standards while promoting cultural exchange between people. 


Each plant was intelligently designed and equipped in a similar manner with production assets and a laboratory that seamlessly integrate into our global network while insuring consistent production, flexibility and quality.


Today, the organizational and production knowledge of Sirmax translates into an increased awareness of market needs for a circular economy, coupledwith the production of engineering plastics to guarantee exceptional quality in every aspect of production across each plant. 


Sirmax’s ability to capture and interpret market signals is reflected by the adoption of a successful multi-country and multi-product strategy, projected to grow over the coming years.


Six production plants in Italy, two in Poland, two in the United States, one in Brazil and two in India comprise a unified Sirmax technological network.


The future will carry us to new countries such as China, Mexico and the Middle East.