The company from Padua, the fifth European producer of polypropylene compound for big players of automotive, domestic appliances, electronics and power tools, has been selected by the BSH Group as best supplier of plastics among 384 partner companies in the world (2.489 in all categories of the award). In six months the results of the entire 2015. Towards revenues of 240million in 2016 (+35%).





The Ceo Massimo Pavin: «Proud of the recognition. We will continue the path of global growth and the creation of values»


(Padua, 17th October 2016) - «German» quality and global presence in the markets side to side with the big players push Sirmax Spa to record results and international recognition. The company from Padua with the headquarter situated in Cittadella, fifth European producer of polypropylene compound and engineering plastic compound (engineering polymers) for the automotive, domestic appliances, electronics and power tools sectors and for appliance sectors (home, furniture, constructions), is among the best suppliers of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, the biggest producer of household appliances in Europe and among the first in the world, property of Bosch Group. Sirmax Spa was given the BSH Supplier Award 2016, by the German Group, for the excellent performance during the period 2014/2015 in terms of quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation and prices.

A recognition that saw Sirmax Spa being picked among 384 suppliers in the category “Plastic” (plastic materials), one out of 10 clusters among which BSH has evaluated 2.489 partner companies all over the world (Metals, Electronics, Electro Mechanics, Packaging-Printed Materials, Cooling driven Technologies, Cooking driven Technologies, Laundry Care driven Technologies, Dish Care driven Technologies, Best of Small Appliances). Strict selection criteria for the three Best Suppliers for each category: from the annual revenue with BSH to the adhesion to the BSH Code of Conduct, quality, financial strength. A perfectly mastered exam by Sirmax Spa, that has obtained the Best Supplier Award in its category.

At the award ceremony held in Berlin this September 27th , for BSH have intervened the Chief Operation Officer Michael Schöllhorn, Thorsten Rosenberg Executive Vice President Head of Global Supply Chain, Arthur Kasnitz Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain/Commodity Management.

To receive the Supplier Award, Massimo Pavin Chief Executive Officer of Sirmax Spa.

The award crowns the first half year of 2016 with results in high growth, near or better than the ones of 2015. Sirmax Spa has closed the half year with an established revenue of 112,5 million euros, marking a growth of +36% compared to the 89,2 million on 30th June 2015. Also growing the Ebitda, got up to 11,1 million euros (6,2 million on the 30th of June 2015) and the half year’s profit to 7,2 million euros (3,2 million on the 30th of June 2015), financial charges below 1% of the turnover.

For the year 2016, the full production in the USA plant, after the one in Brazil and the contribution of the taken over Nord Color Srl, projects Sirmax Spa towards a volume of 155.000 tons (+20%) and a turnover of 240 million euros (+35% compared to the 178 million in 2015) and the Ebitda of ca. 22 million euros. The turnover for 2017 is fixed at 300 million of revenue (+25%), for 185.000 tons (+22%).

Results obtained thanks to the global strategy of growth (Greenfield investments and acquisition) and direct presence in the markets following the big automotive and appliances players, which made the company grow in size, know how and market share.

«The BSH Supplier Award is a reason to be proud for all our employees – declares Massimo Pavin, Chief Executive Officer of Sirmax Spa -. The recognition of a Group that is a model of innovation and sustainability, certifies the quality of our products, of our business model and motivates us to continue our global growth path and the creation of value that has taken us to acquire a leadership position in the appliance sector and to become one of the main automotive players». «Increase in size and strengthen ourselves on international scale, through a direct presence and multicountries, first in Poland, Brazil, then in the USA and acquire companies which a very high potential of synergy and with technological contribution, accompanied by the reinforcement of the competitive positions in all sectors and geographical areas in which we operate, and  a primary role also in the engineering plastic polymers.

The BSH Supplier Award confirms the success of this strategy and gives us additional aims and challenges for 2017, in terms of growth, innovation and quality standard».



BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is one of the biggest producers of household appliances in Europe and one of the world leaders in the sector. Started in 1967 from the joint-venture Bosch GmbH and Siemens AG, from January 2015 BSH has been one of the exclusive properties of the Bosch Group. A long history of almost 50 years that has seen BSH transform from a German export company to the one of main world producer of household appliances. With more than 56.000 employees, BSH realized a turnover of 12,6 billion  euros in 2015. (+11%). With more than 40 plants and more than 80 branches it is present in 50 countries. It has a portfolio of 14 brands: apart from the 2 main brands Bosch and Siemens, the offer is enriched by the exclusive brands Gaggenau and Neff and the local ones Thermador, Balay, Coldex, Constructa, Pitsos; Ufesa, Zelmer and from the brand labels Junker and Viva.



Sirmax SpA

Founded in 1999 from the fusion between Maxplast and Sirte (active since 1964), Sirmax Spa has its Headquarter in Cittadella (PD). Specialized in the production of polypropylene compound and engineering polymers compound for all the sectors of use (automotive, electrical appliances, household power tools, electric, electronic, construction, furniture) as well as in the distribution of plastic materials. Sirmax Spa is the fifth producer of polypropylene compound in Europe (first among those not integrated with petrochemicals) With over 300 employees (93 being abroad) it estimates total revenue of 240 million euros in 2016 (+35%), with a target of 300 million in 2017.  The management is under 45, with a high percentage of university graduates.  With four plants in Italy (Cittadella, Tombolo, Isola Vicentina, San Vito al Tagliamento), one in Poland (Kutno-Lodz), one in Brazil in Jundiai (state of San Paolo), one in the United States in Anderson, Indiana (from 2015), a sales office in Milan, three sales offices in Spain (Sirmax Iberica Polimeros, Barcelona), France (Sirmax France, Lyon), Germany (Sirmax Deutschland, Frankfurt), it has achieve important market share in Europe and Asia.  Production takes place for 58% in Italy, 63% of the product is sent abroad. Among the Sirmax’s customers are the brand leaders such as Whirlpool, Bosch-Siemens, Indesit, Electrolux, Karcher, Philips, Honeywell, ABB, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Volkswagen, Mercedes, PSA (Gruppo Peugeot-Citroen).




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