The right compound in the right place.
Our product applications.

At Sirmax, we produce a variety of polypropylene compounds, engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and recycled polymers, which enables us to cover many different application sectors and to develop personalized solutions for our clients.

Our multi-product and multi-country approach has made Sirmax a landmark for the main global players in the automotive, appliance, power tools, construction and electronics sectors.


Sirmax produces different polymer compounds for the main OEMs and Tiers in the automotive sectors, utilized for interior, exterior and under the hood applications, with a particular focus on lightweighting and low-emission products. All our products and applications are co-designed with our clients.

Home appliance

We work closely with the main global producers in the home appliance sector in order to develop compounds which guarantee quality, demanding technical  specifications and constant innovation.

Our home appliance products feature a wide range of technical polymer compounds, from PP compound to TPEs, with a particular focus on the development of circular products and metal replacement solutions.

Power tools

Power tool applications require high-performance polymers, to sustain high stress, extreme temperatures and exposure to chemicals in domestic, professional and industrial settings. Sirmax compounds combine high-end technical features which deliver reliable, lightweight tools suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 


Materials designed for indoor and outdoor furniture feature excellent aesthetic and mechanical properties, as well as being anti-scratch, UV-resistant and, where necessary, flame retardant.

The high-tech processes applied within the furniture division guarantee the production of complex technical compounds thanks to dedicated production lines for the development and production of specialty materials, such as transparent and metallic colors.

Electrical & electronics

Sirmax responds to the needs of the electrical and electronics sector by offering a wide range of UL certified, high-performance products. Constant research enables us to produce compounds with excellent thermal, electrical and fire retardant characteristics, that also deliver on demanding aesthetics.

Our product portfolio also includes thermally and electrically conductive compounds.

Building & constructions

The construction division boasts a wide range of special products, with a particular focus on thermal and sound insulation, wheathering resistance, and flame retardant performance.

We have developed materials for injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming processes in order to satisfy the market's application needs.

The market's requirement for high-performance and energy-efficiency has led to the development of innovative compounds using alternative raw materials with a low environmental impact.

Sport & Leisure

Sirmax offers a complete set of thermoplastic compounds for Sport & Leisure applications. The materials we developed for the sector are suitable for the injection molding of aesthetic components, parts with UV or impact resistance requirements, and even materials for parts requiring chemical and thermal resistance or sound absorbing functions.