Build relationships on the basis of every job

A network of close relationships with the most important integrated polymer manufacturers in the world has led us to be considered a reliable and competent partner internationally. For this reason, in addition to the direct production of compounds, Sirmax is the official distributor for Italy and abroad of BOREALIS, European leader in the production of polyolefins (PP-PE), VERSALIS, a company of the ENI Group active in the chemical sectors, Petrochemicals and plastics, TRINSEO (PMMA division, polymethylmethacrylate), and HUNTSMAN (TPU division, thermoplastic polyurethane).
Today, each of these companies relies on our organization in terms of technical and logistical support for the distribution of its products.

For the Austrian chemical company, the world’s eighth largest producer of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), we distribute:


For the American multinational, specialized in the production of thermoplastic polyurethanes, we distribute the brand IROGRAN.


For the company of the ENI Group active in the chemical, petrochemical and plastics sectors, we are distributors of styrene polymers (PS-SAN-ABS).

Edistir - Kostil - Sinkral

For the American multinational chemical giant, we are distributors of methyl polymethylmethacrylate.