Transformation is our strength.

Sirmax plastic is not just plastic. It is a technologically advanced, high-performance material.

Sirmax Group enriches plastic through its technology and expertise. This innovation is made possible thanks to the Group’s five research centers and to its laboratories, which are organized according to product type: Polyolefins, technopolymers, elastomers, circular compounds, and bio polymers.

Research and development activities support all 13 production plants, which can all count on the same level of technology and innovation. Each Research and Development Center communicates with the others, creating a global synergy that yields local results.

Sirmax Group collaborates with the main Italian and European universities specializing in the plastics sector, working on cutting-edge projects relating to materials, technologies and production processes.

We co-design compounds with our clients and provide assistance on molding with a mold surface treatment that facilitates the processing of recycled plastics.