Inclusion, cooperation, responsibility.

The company's identity and work are described with the utmost transparency in the Sustainability Report.

Sirmax Group describes and explains the significance of all its value generation processes in a Sustainability Report transparently, honestly, and with integrity.


The Sustainability Report is the way through which Sirmax communicates to all of its stakeholders the choices, activities, results and the use of economic, social and environmental resources.


For Sirmax Group the Report is an instrument of social responsibility returning the interpretation of its mission and guaranteeing its reputation.

Sustainability Report 2022
A Journey toward evolution

The skill of Sirmax individuals have been the real secret and driving force that has propelled us steadily along the path of comprehensive sustainability. In an ever-evolving market, the Sirmax Group has successfully overcome the challenges posed by these shifts, thanks to its people, who play pivotal roles in all facets of sustainability. This ranges from product supply, direct customer support, and service provision to the meticulous supervision of our suppliers. 


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Sustainability Report 2021
Evolving Roots

The geo-economic and geo-political scenario we had to face in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic did not discourage us. We overcame difficulties thanks to the strategic choices we made in past years and to the solidity that has always distinguished the Group. 2021 was the year in which we consolidated a precise sustainability plan around certain priority areas and took specific action.


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Sustainability Report 2020
Virtuous Cycles

Sirmax Group feels a sense of responsibility towards its people and its clients, having committed to integrating the principles of sustainability within its growth strategy and to placing them at the center of its future development. In terms of sustainability, we have rethought the relationship between resources, the market and our clients by shortening distances, focusing on quality and certifying suppliers. Our flexibility, product customization and rapid responses have allowed us to gain significant market share, and we made considerable investments, creating virtuous cycles through skills entirely developed within Sirmax and shared with our end clients.


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