A future built on sustainable ideas
Sirmax: The evolution of compounds

Understand. Act. Create. 

While creating solutions for clients or starting ambitious projects such as our circular economy division, Sirmax's informed approach is key to achieving smart growth objectives. By reacting to the changing needs of our customers and global market signals, we are able to transform our intuitive ideas into concrete action.


Sirmax's fifty-year experience in the plastics industry is at the basis of the multi-country and multi-product strategy which has consolidated the Group's position to be among the first independent compounder  in the world.

The right compound in the right place.
Our product applications.

At Sirmax, we produce a variety of polypropylene compounds, engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and recycled polymers, which enables us to cover many different application sectors and to develop personalized solutions for our clients. Our multi-product and multi-country approach has made Sirmax a landmark for the main global players in the automotive, appliance, power tools, construction and electronics sectors.