A sixty-year journey


Smart Mold is founded based on a collaboration between Sirmax and the University of Padua. Smart Mold is an engineering company, integrated with R&D department, focused on co-design with OEMs providing injection molding process support, development and optimization.


Sirmax's circular and sustainable evolution continues with the acquisition of SER, an Italian company excelling in the sector of post-consumer plastic recycling, and of Microtec, a compostable/bio-durable compound production company working in the packaging film industry. In 2019 Sirmax also opens its second plant in Kutno, Poland, for the production of Xelter thermoplastic elastomers and of self-extinguishing technical compounds.


Sirmax starts producing Xelter®, a new range of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds for the automotive and appliance sectors.

The company also gains its IATF 16949 certification, a quality management system for companies that develop products for the automotive sector.


Sirmax embarks on a joint venture with Autotech Polymers India, a Tipco Group company with a

long tradition in indian market serving automotive and appliance sectors with plastics resins.

The alliance consolidates Sirmax Group strategy as global supplier in the far-east market.

Plants are located in Valsad (Mumbai) and Palwal (Delhi)


Sirmax expands its product portfolio and its range of polymer resin compounds through the acquisition of Nord Color, an Italian compounder with technopolymer engineering and production capabilities. 


Thanks to an important agreement with a wordwide home appliance customer, 

Sirmax North America is founded in Anderson, Indiana, with an initial production capacity of 20Kt.
The production capacity of Sirmax do Brasil is increased.
The ERP – SAP platform is launched, with a view to integrate all factories over a 5-year period.


The new Sirmax do Brasil production plant is launched in Jundaì, Sao Paolo. The plant is ISO 9001 certified and has an initial production capacity of 10Kt.



Production capacity is increased at the production site in Tombolo, Italy, and at the Kutno plant, in Poland.

The TraCe project is developed and launchedin collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute. The program analyzes the traceability of production processes, raw material management and supplied products.


Sirmax becomes an official Borealis distributor for the commercialization of PP and PE. The company gains its ISO-TS 16949 certification.


Sirmax Polska– a technologically advanced plant for the production of polypropylene compounds – is founded in Kutno, Poland. 


The consolidation of its distribution network in Italy and Europe along with the opening of new commercial branches in Lyon (Sirmax France), Barcelona (Sirmax Polimeros Iberica) and Frankfurt (Sirmax Deutschland) mark a significant period of growth for Sirmax.


A new Italian plant is launched in Tombolo for the production of a diverse range of Engineering Polymers.


A new commercial branch opens in Milan. Sirmax gains the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS certifications.


Sirte and Maxplast are merged both inspired by similar founding values and by the same desire to grow in the global market. The merger by incorporation of the two companies took place in 1999. The new company, Sirmax Spa, has been operating in the distribution and production of thermoplastic resins since its founding.



Maxplast starts its production in Cittadella, Italy, in 1992. The company progressively expands its scope to include all the necessary processes for the production of polypropylene compounds.


Sirmax, originally known as SIRTE – Industria e commercio termoplastici Spa, has been active since 1964. SIRTE Spa began its journey in the early 1960s in Isola Vicentina, near Venice, and over the years it established many successful partnerships with international companies specializing in thermoplastic polymers. Since its beginnings it has always been able to offer its client a wide and comprehensive range of products. The company has progressively grown, both in on the market and as a producer of polyolefin compounds such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and styrene (ABS).