Sustainability. The real deal.

At Sirmax, proximity is central to green value creation.

The green deal is Sirmax's new normal.

The future must be consciously designed. Faced with the limits of the planet's resources, Sirmax does not see sustainability as a choice, but as a necessity and a moral obligation. Sirmax's sustainability is 360°. It offers bio, circular and bio-based solutions with a high technological content.


Thanks to the innovation of its 7 research centers, Sirmax enriches post-consumer material and offers its clients a new way to design and print components, reducing thickness and using higher-performing materials. It implements sustainable behaviors in the supply chain, rethinking the relationship between resources, market and clients by shortening distances, focusing on quality and certifying suppliers. It creates value because it invests in human capital and research, while financial stability and transparent governance allow it to achieve its green objectives quickly and effectively. 

Sirmax Group Corporate Video 2022