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We firmly believe that our employees are the basis of our daily successes.
People with different life experiences feed the dynamism of the company, participating in its uniqueness.


We train people to make them specialized in the field in which we operate and encourage them to acquire responsibilities to help them grow professionally.

We are looking for enterprising people who want to be involved in new projects, working in teams, with passion, curiosity and proactivity in their job.
Discover our job opportunities and join the Sirmax Group.


Expatriate Program - Production/Quality Coordinator

The Expatriate Program is a program dedicated to a young mechanical or materials engineer who wants to start a career focused on Sirmax products in an international context.
The resource will be involved in a training program in the production and quality control laboratory areas for 12 months. At the end of the training period, the resource will go to work in a plant abroad (Jundiaì - Brazil, Anderson - USA, Kutno - Poland) to assume the role of Production Coordinator or Quality Control Coordinator to support the Plant Manager.

Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

R&D Developer

The R&D Developer (R&D Department) reports to the Development Manager. He/she is responsible of research projects focused on Polypropylene compounding by working in team with the R&D group. He/she makes detailed observations, performs specific laboratory analysis, and interprets results. He/she prepares technical reports, and quantitative analyses related to the project Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Energy Coordinator and Operational Excellence Specialist

The Energy Coordinator and Operational Excellence Specialist identifies energy efficiency projects and analyzes energy market cost trends for the purpose of evaluating new energy supply proposals, analyzing existing contracts, and comparing with company management. In collaboration with the Operational Excellence team, proposes improvements and efficiencies in infrastructure, facilities, and equipments, not only related to the energy world, but in general to Lean Production.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Sales Account Specialist - French Speaker

The Sales Account Specialist shares and implements sales strategies as indicated by Sales Management and develops sales in terms of volume and efficiency in accordance to assigned targets.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Maintenance Operator (mechanical/electrical)

The Maintenance Operator performs electrical and/or mechanical maintenance work, preventive or on call for failure, and conducts service activities, to ensure that production machinery/equipment functions correctly and allow the normal work performance. The key areas of activity are diagnostics, performing repairs, and preventing breakdowns and faults.
Tombolo (Padova, Italy)

Sales Account Specialist - German Speaker

The Sales Account Specialist shares and implements sales strategies as indicated by Sales Management and develops sales in terms of volume and efficiency in accordance to assigned targets.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Scholarship - PHD on Serenade Project

In collaboration with the University of Padua and Prof. Giovanni Lucchetta, Sirmax is looking for a candidate to be included in the SERENADE research project.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Stage Technical and Quality Assurance Area

The intern in Technical and Quality Assurance office will support in preparing and releasing technical documentation and information related to product composition, its suitability for certain uses according to standards, laws and regulations. In addition, he/she will support in quality assurance activities, metrology and management of measuring instruments.Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Thesis Project

Sirmax offers many topics related to innovative projects.
The possibility for the Thesis Project is subject to the availability of a Tutor and to the agreement with the Professor.
It is possibile to eventually add a 3/6 months period of internship.
Cittadella (Padova, Italy)

Spontaneous Application

When we select our employees we do so with extreme care, devoting great attention to listening to their ambitions and desires.
We are interested to know what professional opportunities you recognize in Sirmax and how our company can help you in your growth process. So do not hesitate to contact us, even if your profile is not among those currently required: a winning team lives of initiative.

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