Sirmax Group

Sirmax Group is a leading international supplier of plastic compounds and resins, ranked 1st among the independent PP compounders in Europe. Sirmax produces a wide range of compounds, based on PP, ABS, ASA, PC, PC/ABS, POM, PA 6-66, PPO, PBT, PS, SEBS, TPV, SBS, TPO and Hybrid & Tech TPEs, circular polymers and biocompounds, becoming the products of choice for a wide variety of markets, from appliance and households to automotive, power tools, packaging and others. Sirmax, with its flexibility and 60-years experience in the world of plastics, can help their customers in developing specific products, with the production of tailor-made products to meet technical and aesthetical needs. The production facilities are in Italy, Poland, Brazil, USA and India, and are equipped with 61 twin-screw extruders, with outputs from 30 to 4500 kg/h.

Proximity as value creation.
Establishing strong, long-lasting partnerships.

Sirmax’s excellence is based on the concept of Proximity, a concept that puts customization at the heart of every project.


Proximity means being physically close to our clients, with 13 plants and 7 research centers in every area of the world.

It means being close to our heritage, maintaining high-levels flexibility and quality.

It means being close to the market, predicting trends and experimenting with increasingly performing compounds.


Sirmax makes Proximity its value proposition. It is what makes us unique, and the message we want to share.


Sirmax is close to the environment, with recycled, biodegradable products; close to innovation, with new techniques for molding and processing plastic; and it is close to its territory and its people, the intangible assets on which Sirmax’s future is based.