Resolute, resourceful
and constantly on the move

Looking to the future is essential.


However, being the leader of an evolving market is the real challenge. By a firm commitment to the development of a circular economy, Sirmax has chosen to champion projects and solutions for a future that will benefit the environment, and people through our products. Keeping our focus toward the future, we strive to transform our ideas into reality by supporting important choices and constantly setting new goals. 



A growing demand for plastic compounded products with a low environmental impact is at the core of Sirmax's commitment to sustainability.


Our in-depth knowledge of raw materials and compounds, which we constantly improve through the use of advanced technology and process control in all of our plants, is applied to the creation of new products which originate from sources, such as recycled materials and plant-based biomass.


Experience leads to new and exciting innovation! 

A circular progress

Sirmax's evolution towards a new circular economy is based on five fundamental principles: 


Life Cycle Project: 
We study the life cycle of the products we develop by collaborating closely with our customers through involvement in their projects.


Modularity and Versatility: 
We design products able to meet stringent customer quality requirements. 


Renewable Energy: 
We use renewable raw materials in our production process and promote the development of technologies that coincide with our green, circular vision. 


Ecosystem-based Approach: 
We adopt a responsible approach that balances production demand and environmental impact.


Recovery of Materials: 
We ensure the highest quality product through traceability of our supply chain sources and strict quality control measures with our IN/OUT process.