A global Group, 850 employees on 4 continents

What sets us apart

Working at Sirmax means working for a company that focuses on professional and individual growth, giving people the opportunity to hone their skills in all areas of work.

Being in Sirmax means being part of a community where new projects are developed every day. Together with our employees we have embarked on a journey: that of sustainability and belonging to a community that grows and invests in the future. Human resources management is guided by the principles defined in the Code of Ethics: integrity and protection of the individual, fairness in professional relations and non-discrimination. In particular, we aim to maintain a stimulating working environment that respects the needs of all, as well as to promote a policy of personal and professional growth to ensure career development based on skills, professionalism and merit.



At Sirmax, we care about the personal and professional growth of our employees, that’s why training is the foundation of our company culture. Training activities are aimed at developing technical, cross-functional and managerial skills, and we offer both a catalog of courses and courses tailored to specific needs. You will have the opportunity to participate in classroom-based and online training sessions, which will be the key to your personal success and that of the entire company. Continuous development takes place in a stimulating international environment, where you will be able to develop key skills that will support you in facing future challenges to the best of your ability.



Sirmax’s goal is to facilitate work within its 13 plants, located all over the world. To this end, the care and management of its people are crucial. Onboarding is the initial training and guidance project for all new hires. New employees receive information about the company's history, structure, products, benefits and services. The process continues with a mentor who instructs on activities, products and processes. Mentoring is ad hoc, with a methodology and timeline designed according to the uniqueness of each hire.



By focusing on employees – seen as people with diverse life experiences who fuel the dynamism and uniqueness of the company – we aim to maintain a serene, stimulating and respectful working environment for everyone. Benefit programs are designed according to the specific needs of employees and their lifestyles. This is made possible through periodic questionnaires with the purpose of investigating the critical points and needs of each production department, office, and business sector, identifying particular issues related to the manner and specificity of the work performed.

Company culture


Working at Sirmax means being part of a Group. Our employees are part of a large community and actively participate in company initiatives and projects. Inclusiveness and synergy among employees are crucial to the company's success and to offering its clients an increasingly excellent product. Sirmax's values and guiding principles are strongly linked to its history and territory, and aim to maintain a serene and stimulating work environment where people can improve professionally and personally. Being a Sirmaxee means being part of a community that is open, innovative, and ready to help young people.

Our Approach to sustainability