Innovation that revolutionizes performance.

Sirmax elevates plastic so it can be reused intelligently, reducing materials and stimulating new ideas.

Sirmax transforms post-consumer plastic into high quality, low environmental impact melamine material. Through a mechanical process, we are able to obtain granules that can be reused in technical applications. Single-use plastic is therefore transformed into a new raw material with high added value.

Thanks to Smart Mold and to its 7 cutting-edge R&D labs, Sirmax is able to help its clients choose the most suitable material for their application, working with them to find innovative solutions that can in turn be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

The Journey of Plastic

From waste to resource: All the phases and steps that transform a plastic bottle into a component for a car.

Smart Mold

Innovative molding solutions. Smart Mold uses recycled materials and acts on product design and choice of material, reducing thickness to reduce waste.