Sirmax actively engages in corporate sustainability dynamics, measuring and monitoring the Group's environmental impact. Sirmax has prepared the Sustainability Report 2021 in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standars, such as stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, materiality, completeness, accuracy, balance, clarity, comparability, reliability and timeliness. The materiality analysis identified 10 topics relevant to the Group and stakeholders in the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues, quantifying their results and performance.

Sirmax's letter to stakeholders

CEO & President, Massimo Pavin, presented the results of the Sustainability Report 2021 in his letter to stakeholders. The full letter can be found in the Report, below is an excerpt:


"The geo-economic and geo-political scenario we had to face in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic did not discourage us. We overcame difficulties thanks to the strategic choices we made in past years and to the solidity that has always distinguished the Group. 2021 was the year in which we consolidated a precise sustainability plan around certain priority areas and took specific action. Our responsible management has focused on the key concepts that are fundamental to us: Circularity and efficient use of resources (particularly water and energy), fighting climate change by limiting pollutant emissions, product innovation, employee empowerment, occupational health and safety, support for local communities, and ethics in our business. In 2021, we continued to invest. We developed our production capacity in the dynamic context of the circular economy. We implemented research and development. We created an internal committee which is 100% dedicated to product innovation with the aim of anticipating market demands. Our efforts have been rewarded by new important certifications, which have enabled us to meet all the quality standards required in different areas of the world.


Our employees and collaborators remain center stage. Included in our recent initiatives is a major welfare plan which involves assistance, training, involvement, empowerment, and professional growth. It unites all Sirmax Group stakeholders in a shared cultural project that comes before work. Together with our employees, we have embarked on the journey towards sustainability and belonging to a growing community that believes in the future. In 2021 our staff increased, and our expertise increased with them thanks to an innovative creative and design synergy. We implemented soft skills and focused on technology and digitalization, keeping in mind the core values of our Code of Ethics: respect, integrity, and innovation.


The community also remains central to Sirmax – it is our point of reference. Our solidity comes from our active relationship with universities, schools, and training institutions. The people who make up our Group are our family, and our human capital is our most precious asset. Our local area, supply chain and people anchor us to our values, to which we will remain faithful forever."

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