Less than two years after its start-up, the results of the “Lean Agile” project, implemented by Sirmax Group thanks to the collaboration with Considi, a Vicenza-based consulting company specializing in 4.0, Lean production, improvement strategy, management and business organization, are already tangible and concrete. The project has revolutionized Sirmax's Research & Development department, changing its internal organization model to promote the implementation of increasingly innovative products and processes. Existing management practices have been reconsidered to not only increase production efficiency, but also to increase innovation activities, with the aim of designing materials able to anticipate market trends, also from the point of view of sustainability. More specifically, the Opportunity to Market department created within Sirmax is divided into three areas: Strategic Marketing, which deals with the collection and analysis of market data and the launch of new products; Innovation, which is responsible for long-term projects, i.e. the most innovative and far-reaching projects originating from the decisions of a committee; Development, which works with short- and medium-term projects, i.e. those supported by commercial requests. "Sirmax has grown over the years thanks to the excellence of its products and its ability to grasp the evolution of the market,” explains Massimo Pavin, Sirmax Group president and CEO. “Now we must change course, adopt a new approach, and reverse the process: today we must focus on strategic, concrete and innovative projects".


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