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Anderson (IN, USA)

Maintenance Operator (mechanical/electrical)

The Maintenance Operator performs electrical and/or mechanical maintenance work, preventive or on call for failure, and conducts service activities, to ensure that production machinery/equipment  functions correctly and allow the normal work performance. The key areas of activity are diagnostics, performing repairs, and preventing breakdowns and faults.


Main activities:

  • Collaborates with production by ensuring full machine operability;
  • Performs with the assistance of suitable instrumentation diagnostic tests to evaluate the operational status of the machine or plant;
  • Organizes the different phases of work and their optimization in collaboration with other maintenance specialties (mechanical);
  • Follows the implementation of new projects/developments by coordinating and verifying the successful execution of all phases (implementation - integration test - follow up);
  • Understands machine/system electric circuits;
  • Recognizes the main electrical faults of machine/equipment elements;
  • Performs electrical disconnections for mechanical interventions, complete revisions, or complex interventions, on stopped machines;
  • Performs minor electrical setup and calibration of starting machines/plants;
  • Assists the machine operator in electrical setup of the machine/plant;
  • Updates the maintenance machinery/plant book.


  • High school diploma in mechanical/electrical area;
  • 2-3 years of previous experience in mechanical maintenance and with at least minimal experience in electrical maintenance (in any area);
  • Availability to day work and 2 day shifts (from Monday to Friday);
  • Knowledge of electrical and electromechanical circuits.

Characteristics of the candidate:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to adapt to the context
  • Ability to work in team



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