Compostable bio-plastics compounds plant

The plant of Sirmax Group, based in Mellaredo di Pianiga, near Venice, is specialized in the production of certified biodegradable and compostable compounds for both the packaging and single-use sectors. This plant became part of the Sirmax Group in 2019 and aims to apply its existing expertise, expanding Sirmax’s  product portfolio, to Sirmax's traditional sectors of application. The expansion of the plant was finalized in 2020: production capacity was doubled and the R&D department was expanded further specializing in the development of innovative compostable, bio-durable and bio-based solutions for sectors such as retail, appliance and automotive.


Production Plant and Biopolymers R&D

Total surface area

14.500 sqm

Production surface area

6.300 sqm

Production capacity

24 kton/yr


Sirmax Spa
Via Po, 53

30030 Pianiga (VE) - Italien - Loc. Mellaredo

+39 041 86 93 900

+39 041 86 93 920


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