Since its acquisition by Sirmax Group in 2019, the European Regeneration Company (SER) in Salsomaggiore Terme has grown in terms of employees and production areas thanks to an investment of about 30 million euros. Employees have tripled, in fact now the company has about 60, up from 22 in 2019-and new professionals are still being searched: from production operators to maintenance workers and laboratory technicians. Until 2019, the business was focused only on the production of recycled HD-PE (high-density polyethylene) granules made mainly from post-consumer plastics (i.e., from urban recycling). Today, with Sirmax's intervention, it is also adding that of thermoplastic granules of recycled polypropylene, again from urban collection, to be used in the group's other plants as raw material.


Upcycling to meet market demand

With SER, the Sirmax Group has entered the green and sustainable product business and the circular economy: recycled plastic is ennobled with additives and mechanical fillers that make it suitable for durable goods. Through this process, the Group can realize upcycling, meant as the reuse of objects to create a higher quality product that can also be used for household appliance or automobile components, i.e., durable goods.


For Sirmax, the entry into the green economy initiated with SER is the grounding of what were already sustainability values pursued over the years: being sustainable in being close to the customer, with zero-kilometer supplies, time savings, lower costs, and higher quality in service; having a controlled and tracked supply chain, with partners that meet precise quality requirements; being flexible and fast in meeting ad hoc requests that come from the customer; having financial sustainability and transparency in financial statements that makes the company solid; and, last but not least, sustainability towards employees and external entities (stakeholders) for structured growth that offers new opportunities for work and collaboration in full respect of environmental issues.


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