Cittadella, 13 Febbruary, 2020


Sirmax has always been a team of people who make the whole game its strength. This is demonstrated by the recent decision to acquire 50% of Smart Mold, the spin-off of the University of Padua, which since 2018 has been studying and developing solutions for the reduction of plastic consumption and the use of circular raw materials. Sirmax has signed a capital increase with the cost of the university with the aim of offering its customers increasingly sustainable solutions, investing in innovative technologies and transforming recycled plastic hi-tech plastic. Smart Mold operates with two business activities. In the first activity - more innovative - facilitates the processing of recycled plastics: the spin-off has patented a special treatment of the surface of the molds used to inject the plastic, which allows to decrease the injection pressure, making it easier to fill the mould. In the second business activity Smart Mold focuses on reducing the consumption of plastic inside an artifact, using raw materials with higher added value. The spin-off supports companies starting from the engineering design of the product and studies its applications (for example, the internal structure of a dashboard for cars) and the mechanical characteristics it must have (withstand loads and impacts); uses advanced software to simulate mechanical behavior and proposes design solutions to reduce the weight and consumption of plastic. With the combined use of the best performing materials produced by Sirmax and surface treatments for moulds developed by Smart Mold, it is possible to significantly reduce the thickness of many structural components, reducing the weight and consumption of virgin plastic.

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