Ser Srl (European Regeneration Company) has been part of the Sirmax Group since January 2019 and is spread over a total area of 19,500 sqm, of which 10,500 sqm is production area. The company deals with the treatment and regeneration of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics for the production of polymers and compounds based on PE-HD (high density polypropylene) and PP (polypropylene).


Since its acquisition to date, Ser's production capacity has doubled to 35,000 tonnes by 2021. Further expansion is planned in the coming years with new warehouses for raw materials and finished products.





Lisa Barbarini, sales manager for circular polymers, will tell us about what is happening at Ser.


What do you do at SER?


At SER I take care of sales and, as Sales Manager, I follow both Italian and European customers.


What added value does Ser give Sirmax with its circular polymers?


The possibility of using a regenerated granule for the production of compounds whose recycled part is controlled at the base and provides a high-quality standard, since the laboratory controls replicate the same Sirmax procedures. In Ser are produced Serplene®, homopolymer and copolymer recycled polypropylene for injection moulding, extrusion and thermoforming, and Sertene®, high-density recycled polyethylene for extrusion and blow moulding.


What are the benefits of a durable good with a recycled component?


Less CO2 emissions and 100% recovery of post-consumer plastics, i.e. the plastics we throw away in the recycling bin every day. We close the circle!



What is the market response to the circular polymers?


In the last two years customers have become strongly interested in recycled granules and demand has increased. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of clarity regarding the types of regenerated materials (post-consumer rather than postindustrial) and too many expectations regarding the physical and mechanical characteristics, which are certainly different from those of virgin material, but which can be reached thanks to Sirmax's decades of knowledge in the production of compounds.


Regarding territorial proximity, how does Ser position itself?


Regarding territorial proximity, Ser is very close to the territory and community of Parma. Together with Ser's HR manager, Michela Manganelli, we can monitor the neighboring territory from the point of view of recruitment, which is also evalueted on the basis of the proximity of new recruits to the company. Then, as far as raw materials are concerned, we are opening cooperation links with maintenance, milling, transport and supply companies located within a radius of about sixty kilometres from SER.


With regard to the community, with the #ArteCircolare project in collaboration with the Toschi Art School in Parma, about 40 students from the third and fourth classes were involved, who created 13 artistic sketches on the theme of 'Regeneration and Rebirth' through the recycling of plastics. Out of the 11 sketches, four winners were chosen, which then became terracotta sculptures and recycled plastic granules or flakes of about 60 centimetres, exhibited at the Greenplast fair and now installed in the SER.


Ser, with the Sirmax group, will participate in the Green week in Parma from 7 to 12 June 2022, an event that addresses green economy issues through the realization of numerous events. The company will open its doors on 07 June 2022 to a group of local authorities and on 08 June to a group of university students. On Friday, 10 June at 6 p.m., the Sirmax group will hold a round table entitled 'The car of tomorrow will be circular' at the Confindustria Parma headquarters, with the participation of the following speakers:


Vincenzo Colla, Regional Councillor for Economic Development

Paola Fabbri, Professor of Materials Science and Technology, University of Bologna

Roberto Pavin, Chief Financial Officer Sirmax Group

Armando Cipelli, Le Village representative by Credit Agricole Parma


On the same day, the Sirmax Group will sign the Manifesto of Green Companies, a memorandum of commitments that our Group intends to uphold over the next five years in favour of sustainability. Massimo Veronelli, global sales green economy director of Sirmax, will speak on several panels at the event to bring the Group's experience in the green economy.


With regard to proximity, Sirmax Group has a great plan to build projects and events that will act as a bridge between the company and the territory and the community. We invite you to follow our LinkedIn profile to stay up to date on our Group's news and contents!