The Group will be at the 2022 edition of K with many developments resulting from investments made by the group in the last three years, despite the pandemic and geo-economic events. 

No more welding lines with Gas-Assisted Push Pull (GAPP) technology

GAPP technology is an innovation that allows for the injection molding of thermoplastic material without welding lines. Through Smart Mold, a university spin-off 50% owned by Sirmax, the group has developed an innovative system that avoids joining lines in plastic products, saving time and costs for the client. Sirmax Group will present GAPP on Thursday, Oct. 20, starting at 5 p.m., at booth C69, Hall 8B. The presentation, with Professor Giovanni Lucchetta of the University of Padua, will be followed by a drinks reception starting at 5:30 p.m.


GAPP promotes the interpenetration of weld line flow fronts in a way that changes the shape of the interface, promotes inter-diffusion between flow fronts, and realigns reinforcing fibers. Weld lines are among the most critical structural defects in parts made by the injection molding of fiber-reinforced thermoplastics.

New investments: E-Commerce platform and production infrastructure

GAPP technology joins the other innovative initiatives that Sirmax Group is launching to give its clients customized products that are increasingly aligned to their needs. With this in mind, the group is launching an E-commerce platform developed entirely by Sirmax which allows the group's clients to place new orders and have a complete view of all documentation related to their order history. By making all technical documents available, Sirmax facilitates the supplier/client relationship. The E-commerce platform will also be used to promote the group's main products. In addition, a ‘convenience corner’ will offer a range of in-stock materials at an affordable price. The E-commerce platform is already active internationally and accessible via the link on Sirmax’s officialwebsite, Restricted features can be activated on invitation by the Sirmax team.

Sirmax Group also continues to invest in its production infrastructure. The Anderson site (Indiana, USA), which now has two plants, will be upgraded and expanded by 2025. The first plant will house thermoplastic elastomer production and a new warehouse, increasing the total production area from 13,000 to 26,000 square meters. The site’s 10-year development plan also involves enhancing recycled compound production, expanding the production area from 11,000 to 27,000 square meters, and building a third plant of around 12,000 square meters for the production of engineering plastics.
“This is a 10-year project involving investments of around $200 million and has the potential to triple current production capacity,” explains Lorenzo Ferro, Country Manager of Sirmax North America. “In Indiana, our goal is to develop a large hub capable of serving the entire US and Mexican markets in line with Sirmax group's multi-region and multi-product strategy. This would involve implementing the production of all business lines in the Anderson industrial park.”



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