Sirmax awarded with the RACER Edge Award 2022


Sirmax North America, the US division of the Sirmax Group, which has two plants in Anderson (Indiana), was awarded the RACER Edge Award 2022 in Oklahoma City. This annual award is given to companies that have distinguished themselves by successfully investing in, redeveloping and reusing areas belonging to the properties of the former General Motors Corp.

In addition to Sirmax, the award was given to three other companies: Ameresco Inc., Lear Corporation, and Saginaw County. Sirmax is the first non-US investor to receive the award. The award was created by the RACER (Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response) Trust, an independent company created in 2011 for the purpose of repositioning and redeveloping facilities and land owned by the former General Motors Corp. following its bankruptcy in 2009.


New investments to expand the two plants in Anderson and to build a third plant by 2025

Sirmax built its first US production plant in 2015. The second plant was added in 2020 and became fully operational this year. The total combined production area of the two plants is 268,000 square feet (around 25,000 square meters). The newer plant, which saw a $35 million investment, is entirely designated for the production of recycled polypropylene from post-industrial waste, while the original plant, built thanks to an agreement with the Economic Development Agency of Anderson Township and the State of Indiana, produces polyolefins derived from virgin plastics. The area owned by Sirmax measures just under 300,000 square meters and will be home to a third plant measuring around 12,000 square meters, which will be used for the production of engineering plastics. Sirmax’s first plant will be extended to house thermoplastic elastomer production and a new warehouse, bringing the total production area from 13,000 to nearly 37,000 square meters. In the second, most recent Anderson plant, recycled compound production will be increased and upgraded, and the production area will increase from 11,000 square meters to 27,000 square meters in 2025.


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