UniCredit supports Sirmax’s sustainable development plans. In line with the focus on ESG which characterized the growth plans of recent years, the group has signed an agreement with UniCredit for a new €7 million credit line linked to the achievement of specific sustainability goals. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and indicates an actual rating, often known as a sustainability rating, that expresses the environmental, social and governance impact of a company or organisation operating in the market.


The goals to be achieved through the sustainable development plans

The loan, called Sustainable Future, is an ad hoc solution designed by UniCredit for companies that are committed to improving their sustainability profile. It is tied to the achievement of two ESG goals that Sirmax has committed to reaching within the next 3 years: Increasing the satisfaction index of its workers and achieving high standards, and promoting and organizing company-widetraining courses aimed at promoting good sustainability practices, both in the workplace and in the private sphere. Through the Sustainable Future loan, UniCredit offers the company a rate reduction upon disbursement of the funds compared to other products intended for these operations. The bank subsequently verifies the achievement of the ESG objectives fixed at the time of stipulation.


“Sirmax has long since embarked on a very articulated path to apply sustainability issues to every aspect of its business,” adds Marco Moretto, Global Marketing & Product Development Director at Sirmax. “An example of this is our commitment to reporting our actions in the annual Sustainability Report. Furthermore, we have always paid special attention to our employees, the real added value of the company, for whom Sirmax has undertaken numerous welfare initiatives. The end goal is to make our company a place where people work better, in an increasingly sustainable way."


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