Sirmax and Technogym together at Plastics Recycling Show Europe

Thanks to its features, the Excite line is among the five finalists for the "PRSE Award," at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2024 in Amsterdam.

Sirmax Group, Europe's leading manufacturer of thermoplastic granules for various applications, has developed materials for Technogym, a world leader in fitness, wellness, sports, and health products.The result of the collaboration between Sirmax and Technogym is a new generation of Excite Line fitness equipment.

By Sirmax's materials within its recycled plastic components, the environmental impact of these machines was significantly reduced right from the design stage. These alternative and more sustainable materials leads to an average CO2 reduction of 50% compared to virgin materials.

Sirmax's sustainable material

Technogym's Excite line is a market leader in sustainability, as well as design and technical features. In some components of this line, virgin material was replaced with GREEN ISOTER®. GREEN ISOTER®, an ABS-based thermoplastic resin produced by the Sirmax Group. This material contains 60% raw material from the mechanical recycling of household waste and electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The use of this raw material results in a saving of 7 kg of plastic per item. Instead, Sirmax recovers and reuses the plastic in high value-added materials. In general, the new environmentally sustainable material makes up as much as 70% of the total materials used. Providing new, advanced parts to Technogym enhances research and use of high-quality, recycled materials for better performance. At Sirmax, creating and formulating materials is the real challenge. Aesthetic performance is important to meet the high standards for different machines. Sirmax shows its Group's commitment to making customized design and environmentally friendly materials by collaborating with Technogym. These materials adhere to the principles of the circular economy.



From recycled plastic components to new generation of fitness equipment

About the line, the Human Powered version requires no electricity or batteries to operate its 10-inch LCD touchscreen, which includes built-in Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and innovative content. Excite Run, the high-tech treadmill that offers 13% more running space while occupying 30% less space and provides real-time biofeedback, will be representing the full Excite line. The updated version of the Excite line is being presented to the public at this year's edition of PRSE – Plastics Recycling Show Europe 2024, one of Europe's most important plastics and rubber trade fairs, held on June 19-20 in Amsterdam.

Due to its innovative features, the Excite line is among the five finalists for the "PRSE Award" in Automotive, Electrical & Electronic category, which recognizes achievements in the use of recycled materials, product design, and manufacturing.


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