On 19-20 June, Sirmax will be present at the world's largest congress for plastics experts about automotive solutions. The event will take place during PIAE fair in Mannheim, Germany.

Plastic represents the best material for efficiency, flexibility, functionality and surface design. Design and comfort represent two main aspects of plastic adaptability.

This features provide to final product a welcoming feel, thanks to their unique manufacturing and processing characteristics.

Thank to 60-year expertise Sirmax affirms itself in a leader position in the plastic industry. Sirmax's key productions are represented by polypropylene compounds, thermoplastic compounds, green compounds, and biopolymers for all areas of use.

One of the main focuses is about automotive solutions. In particular, about specific automotive plastic parts as interior, exterior and under the hood.

Future mobility


In a more sustainable world, the automotive market is also moving towards a green revolution. This is represented by the rise of automotive electrical solutions.

This growth is driven by higher in demands from automotive manufacturers that ask for re-design a product more sustainable and able to embrace a circular economy approach. This green transition brings with it some themes around the management of post-consumer plastic usage and and end-of-life waste.

Anyway, Sirmax continues with its sustainable and circular approach to the business. In this case, the upcycling of post-consumer-derived plastic is a focal point for the company. To explain this, from waste, the single-use material becomes a valuable product. This final product has aesthetic and mechanical characteristics that are completely similar to those of virgin plastic. In automotive, company's main focus stay on lightweighting and low-emission products.

About that, Sirmax offers high-performance and tailor-made solutions. In particular, the company is focused on car interior and electric solutions for mobility.

Circular and sustainable materials for car interior


Sirmax's latest frontier in product innovation lies in its "Naturally Inspired"  material range.

Through special finishes and embossing, polymers from this range is designed to simulate natural effects such as stone, marble, granite, fabric, wood, or a starry sky. Through this particular material Sirmax is able to combine high-performance and aesthetics part with green approach.

Depending on customer specifications and their CO2 reduction goals during the product's lifecycle, the percentage of post-consumer and bio-based materials within the formulation can be included in different percentages.

With theNaturally Inspiredline, Sirmax proposes a new interpretation for automotive components. It does this by recreating the tactile and visual experiences of natural materials and by offering alternative design materials for interiors.

Through its wide range of green compounds made from mechanically recycled (PCR plastic) material and through the idea of a more sustainable design and supply chain, Sirmax is committed to the goal of promoting a movement toward the use of innovative and sustainable materials for future mobility.


Visit us at Booth 57 and discover Sirmax's new automotive solutions in PIAE space.


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