From May 6th to 10th Sirmax will be in Orlando (Florida) to show its way to drive the business toward an approach based on a circular and sustainable economy at NPE 2024, the largest plastics trade show in the Americas. Thanks to italian expertise of Sirmax specialized on circular economy solutions, Sirmax North America represents leading global supplier of polypropylene (PP) compounds, engineering polymers, post-consumer recycled compounds, and biopolymers for a broad range of industries. Within NPE space in Orlando, Sirmax will focus on showing the highly successful integration of its U.S. recycling and PP compounding facilities.


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The success of a vertically integrated system


Sirmax’s vertically integrated operation in Anderson, Ind. reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. The U.S. company transforms plastic derived from post-industrial scrap and selected post-consumer recyclate not derived from urban waste collection, into valuable products with aesthetic and mechanical qualities comparable to virgin compounds with lower carbon footprint.The vertical integration that Sirmax has undertaken enables it to differentiate itself in the marketplace and meet customer demands for more sustainable materials in the automotive and appliance sectors, without compromising the traceability and high quality standards required for superior virgin materials, which are already being supplied today.

Sirmax’s integrated system - which includes innovative production processes and full control of supply sources - ensures OEMs greater reliability and consistency in recycle-content compounds compared to competitive recycled materials from at-large industry sources. A life cycle assessment (LCA) commissioned by Sirmax has confirmed the environmental benefits of recycle-content PP compounds. The study showed that replacing virgin PP with recycled PP can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20-50%. Sirmax can provide LCA data for each specific material.


The integrated manufacturing model is among a wide range of sustainability initiatives that Sirmax has undertaken to reduce energy consumption and decrease carbon emissions highlighting its commitment to sustainability and circular economy.

Recently, the company received the UL Yellow Card HB certification for its recycle-content PP materials.

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