The Great Place to Work® Institute, a company that analyses and awards companies that offer the best working conditions to their employees, has awarded Sirmax Italy its Best Workplace for Blue Collar® 2023 certification


The award is now in its second edition which involved 8 thousand workers in 46 Italian companies who were interviewed through anonymous questionnaires with the aim of analyzing the working climate.
The Great Place to Work Institute®'s rigorous procedure is based on analyzing the responses from production departments and rewards the companies with the highest scores based on the following indicators: Average Trust Index© of the company's operational personnel, the difference between the average Trust Index© of Blue Collar and White Collar, and finally, the percentage of responses obtained from workers.

For Sirmax, this is the second award, following Great Place to Work®, dedicated to employees and achieved in December last year.


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Commenting on the award, Silvia Minafra, Global HR Director of Sirmax Group, said: "We are really proud of this result, which recognized our commitment to creating an ever-better working environment. We are convinced that attention and care for our employees are fundamental, and that the company's growth necessarily passes through listening to and valuing people, who are precious and indispensable resources for building Sirmax's future".


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