The Sirmax Group is set to establish its 14th global production plant in India.The Padua-based company, specializing in the production of thermoplastic granules for various application sectors, already operates two plants in India located in Palwal and Valsad, in the west and north respectively. With the upcoming construction of the third plant near Hosur, the company will extend its presence to the southern part of the country. Alongside the development of the new facility, the project to expand in Asia will also see the enhancement of the existing Palwal plant, located near India's largest automotive district.


After acquiring the land from the Indian state government of Tamil Nadu, construction of the new plant has commenced and is scheduled for completion by 2026, as outlined in a specific agreement stipulating both the timeline for completion and the obligation to initiate production within three years. Situated in the Bangalore-Hosur region, the plant is a greenfield project, constructed entirely from the ground up, and is designed to boast a production capacity of 20 thousand tons per year.

The Palwal plant expansion will coincide with this project, aiming to increase the production capacity of the existing facility by an additional 15,000 tons per year. This objective will be reached by increasing the space by 7,000 square meters, hosting four new production lines equipped with state-of-the-art extruders designed for high-speed operations and increased output. The expansion also involves the establishment of new warehouses featuring automated material handling systems, along with the integration of advanced laboratory equipment.


“At this pivotal moment in history, India stands out as the sole global region experiencing genuine growth” remarks President Pavin. “The country has a large domestic market and is an important hub for Southeast Asia. I take great pride in these expansion projects, as they not only solidify Autotech-Sirmax India, but also establish the groundwork for even more substantial future growth. My sincere gratitude goes to the Indian authorities for their collaboration; the ongoing expansion of the Palwal site and the upcoming plant will empower us to fortify our position in Asia.”


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This operation is part of the Group's strategy to boost its foreign subsidiaries. Following the expansion of production at its Anderson facility in the United States, Sirmax aims to elevate its production capacity in India to surpass 60,000 tons per year. With a total investment of approximately 10 million dollars, this initiative is deemed strategic, addressing the escalating demand for thermoplastic compounds in the region. 

Sirmax has maintained a presence in India since 2017 through Autotech-Sirmax, a joint venture between the Cittadella-based group and India's Tipco Group.

“This marks a historic moment for India”  states Achal Thakkar, Managing Director of Autotech-Sirmax India.



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