Ecovadis is one of the world's leading international sustainability rating agencies, and assigns a score that gives a company high visibility to potential customers, who are increasingly interested in the sustainability levels of their supply chains. The agency operates the first collaborative platform that allows companies around the world to monitor the sustainability performance of their suppliers in 150 sectors and 110 countries according to certain parameters and standards. The assessment is based on four main themes: Environment, Labour Practices and Human Rights, Ethics and finally Sustainable Procurement.


Sirmax succeeded in obtaining the Silver medal thanks to the Group's great commitment to the environment, placing it in the top 25% of EcoVadis certified companies.

Our approach to sustainability

Faced with the limits of the planet's resources, for Sirmax sustainability is not a choice, but a necessity and a moral obligation. Sirmax achieves all-round sustainability. It offers bio, circular and bio-based solutions.

Thanks to the innovation of its 7 research centres, it refines post-consumer material and offers customers a new way of designing and printing the component, reducing thicknesses and using higher-performance materials. It implements sustainable behaviour in the supply chain, rethinking the relationship between resources, market and customers, shortening distances, focusing on quality, certifying suppliers.


Sirmax Group reports in its Sustainability Report the meaning and description of each value-generating process. With transparency, integrity and honesty. The Sustainability Report is the means by which Sirmax makes known to all stakeholders its choices, activities, results and use of economic, social and environmental resources.

Now in its third edition, Sirmax's Sustainability Report chronicles our ever-evolving journey.


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