Sirmax Group has received a EUR 10 million loan from Banco Bpm.


The operation is linked to a series of sustainability objectives, in particular with regard to staff training: on the one hand, for the next five years, the hours provided in the green area, to employees and managers, will increase exponentially, to increase management's awareness and vision on how to operate within their divisions in an increasingly sustainable way (the operation is part of the Governance part of ESG policies); on the other hand, starting this year, the 'Green Force' project will begin, which will involve the supply chain on sustainability issues, with specific training hours for the purchasing function and all other subjects involved in the supply chain. The aim is to raise awareness of the minimum requirements that a supplier must have to meet ESG parameters, which Sirmax already complies with. That's not all: the 'Green Force' is a broader project that will also cover training on the collection of data, from individual employees, necessary for the drafting of the Sustainability Report.

Also testifying to Sirmax's attention to its personnel is the achievement of EcoVadis Silver certification - for companies that take concrete action on the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing - and the recognition, obtained last year, of 'Best workplaces for blue collar 2023', which saw the Padua-based company among the top ten in Italy in this special ranking.


"Investing in sustainability is making us stronger and more competitive every day,' says Roberto Pavin, Cfo of Sirmax Group. 'Just as we have invested so much to make our product sustainable, we are also investing in our personnel to make them better prepared for the challenges of the future. We are also with Banco BPM in the path undertaken to make the economy of our territory more and more responsible, and we appreciate the institute's willingness and trust on issues that have become essential for Sirmax."


"Our bank strongly believes in the entrepreneurial project and in the long and consolidated history of the Sirmax Group, a company capable of innovating itself by investing deeply in sustainability, a value that has always characterized it in the actions undertaken for business growth," says Enrico Lemmo, Head of Banco BPM's North-East Corporate Market." This is one of the reasons why this important operation was structured, aimed at allowing a further boost to the development of Sirmax, which in the ESG sector already starts from a very important base, being one of the best workplaces in our country, as certified by a recent ranking. This result, however, is only a new stimulus for them to continue along the path already marked out, while for Banco BPM it is one more reason to support this great company on its path towards excellence.”


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