Sirmax Group collaborates with Arper to create a sustainable design collection. Sirmax, which is based in Cittadella (Padua) and specializes in the production of polypropylene compounds, technopolymers, post-consumer compounds, and bio-compounds for various applications, has helped create the new "Aava 02" seating line. This line was conceived by Finnish designer Antti Kotilainen for Arper, an Italian brand known for design excellence.
The line comprises chairs made from post-consumer recycled plastic combined with virgin polypropylene. This combination results in extremely durable, versatile, lightweight, and sustainable furniture. At the Plast 2023 international trade fair held in Milan from September 5-8, which brings together the most important players in the plastics and rubber industry, the Sirmax Group will showcase "Aava 02" along with its wide range of thermoplastic resin compounds.


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From waste to designer furniture:
The chair by Sirmax

Sirmax is exhibiting at Plast in Hall 9, Stand C146. The centerpiece of the exhibition will be the "Aava 02" chair created for Arper, a brand synonymous with design excellence. This chair was previously displayed last spring at Milan’s Salone Del Mobile. "Aava 02" represents an evolution in the sustainability journey of both Sirmax and Arper. A custom thermoplastic compoundincorporating post-consumer material primarily from flexible and rigid food packaging was used for this project. This new recycled, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene, combined with virgin plastic from the Sirmax Green Isoglass line, is incredibly strong and durable, without compromising on high-quality finishes and colors. The different color variants contain different percentages of post-consumer recycled material – up to 40% in the darker range. On average, 12.3lbs (5.6kg) of waste is used to produce 10 chairs.


Post-consumer recycling lies at the core of Sirmax's efforts. Substantial investment in research and development aims to create recycled plastic with the same characteristics as virgin plastic. This process starts with color, which is one of the most challenging aspects. Recycled plastic, like paper, tends to be darker in coloring than virgin plastic. The "Aava 02" chair is a significant achievement, showcasing excellent color gradation achieved from post-consumer material. This accomplishment embodies a production path that begins with waste and culminates in design excellence.


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Changing names to better identify
Sirmax Group's businesses

Another crucial development involves the recent restructuring of the Group's nomenclature. This change aims to enhance clarity across the Group's diverse production sectors and provide a distinct identity to the Group's wholly owned subsidiaries. SER, responsible for post-consumer recycled plastic products, is now known as

Sirmax New Life srl

, while Microtec, engaged in the production of compostable bio compounds, has become Sirmax Biocomp srl. Through this alteration, the Group aims to bolster its presence in light of the automotive industry's growing demand for products with minimal recycled content and the increasingly stringent regulations surrounding packaging.


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